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At Bowlin Chiropractic, we use a range of gentle and effective chiropractic techniques to help our patients achieve optimal health and well-being. Dr. Bowlin takes a personalized approach to every patient, addressing their specific needs to create a custom treatment plan. 

Don't let illness keep you from spending this month loving your Valentine. Chiropractic care promotes optimal function of the Nervous System which directly affects the Immune System.

Show yourself some love! Come in for our Valentine's Special, lasting ALL of February!

  Computerized Posture Stress              Scan

Orthopedic Testing

Neurologic Reflex


$49 Initial Examination 

(+$59 x-rays if needed)

Call (217) 446-7112 now to schedule with our Valentine's Special

At Bowlin Chiropractic, we only make adjustments where the body needs it, without all the extra racking and cracking.  This specific technique allows us to pinpoint misalignments and get you feeling better, sooner.  

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